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Konkurrentanalys.eu performs competitive analysis and related tasks concerning Swedish competitors, products and services for businesses and organizations.

Swedish competitive analysis - find competitive advantages, avoid market entry risks

An analysis of competitors in Sweden or on the Swedish market helps you in strategic decisions when entering the Swedish market or competing with Swedish products in your local markets.

Analyse Swedish competition - information and market data gathering in Sweden

A competitive analysis is founded on a thorough collection of market information and data about competitors and their products. We aid you in gathering and collating data from many areas according to your needs. In addition to Swedish, we can collect data in English, French, Spanish, German and Greek.

The analysis touches business models, offerings, products and services, product launches, market strategies, pricing, marketing and advertising, market share, market position, marketing mix, sales, distribution, production capacity, technology, patents, brands, branding, customers, customer groups, sales staff, organizational structure, management, return on investment and financial capacity.

Many global and internationally well-known companies and brand names have Swedish background. Ericsson, IKEA, H&M, Volvo, SAAB, Scania, Sandvik, Absolut Vodka, Spotify and Skype.

We can help you in your analysis, whether you are based in neighbouring cities such as Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich or London, as well as farther away, in New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, Shenzhen or Shanghai.

Swedish competition data from Swedish databases, media, web sites and other sources in Sweden

Data is gathered from web sites and databases. We can read, translate and interpret brochures and other marketing material. We can compare stores, shops, products and service levels. Some information is collected from public records in Sweden. Through surveys and interviews with employees and customers, a complete image can be drawn. We use current statistics from Swedish sources.

We can also examine the level of searchability in search engines such as Google and Bing as well as business networks such as Linkedin and Xing.

Business intelligence through key indicators and key financial figures

Using the public records of financial statements, we extract key financial figures of competitors. This allows you to estimate their financial power and profitability.

Established marketing models used for competitor analyses

We use well-known models for our competitive analysis:

  • SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats),
  • 4P (marketing mix: product, price, place, promotion),
  • PESTLE (business environment: political, economical, social, technological, legal, environmental),
  • Ansoff's matrix (existing and new products and markets),
  • BCG or Boston matrix (product investment decisions),
  • McKinsey matrix (business strength and industry attractiveness),
  • Porter's five forces (negotiation strength, substitutes, start-up opportunities, competition) and
  • Minzberg's configurations (organization).

Competition report with hands-on strategic and tactical advice

A competitve analysis can give many new ideas for your business. Based on this analysis we can advise you in taking advantage of competitive advantages and added values. We will put together an action plan for strategic business development, customer adaptation and differentiation.

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